This page contains information about special seminars for undergraduate maths students in Southampton. These are designed to be talks on subjects of general mathematical interest at an understandable level. They can be given by undergraduates, postgraduates and lecturers.

If you would like to volunteer to give a talk, or want to be added to the seminar mailing list to receive updates then please email southamptonugseminars@gmail.com or contact one of the helpers (Maths PhD students Joanne Ellison and Naomi Andrew). You can also find information on the Facebook page.

Unless otherwise stated, talks will be every other Wednesday at 1pm in the Ketley Room (Building 54).

Posters and other resources from the seminars are available on the Google drive, along with recordings of some of the more recent talks.

Upcoming talks

2017 / 2018:

Guidelines for giving a talk

Talks should be understandable by a reasonable proportion of maths undergraduates. In general if a second year student could follow most of the talk (possibly treating some of the details as a black box) then this should be okay. We also welcome talks directed at first years and will organise some talks throughout the year with no prerequisites. Talks should be kept to ~45 minutes, to allow time for questions and discussion, as well as drinks and snacks.

Previous talks

2016 / 2017:

2015 / 2016:

2014 / 2015:

2013 / 2014:

2012 / 2013:

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